Oryane MagennCould any of us really experience the fullness of life without relationships? They can bring us much joy, and sometimes much pain. Our lives are full of important relationships, and when those relationships aren’t working, we suffer. You may be experiencing rejection, abandonment, infidelity, going through an “ugly” separation or divorce, lost a loved one, or are feeling stressed from loneliness and exasperated with being single and dating, just to name a few of many relationship challenges. And the most common of all, you may be experiencing a lack of good relationship communication, which may include not knowing how to express your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, concerns, and desires. Almost all challenges in this area stem from limiting beliefs that are not helpful to yourself and others, and can leave you feeling helpless.

As a Certified Life Coach, I will assist you in uncovering limiting belief patterns and transform them, discover the unrecognized importance of quality self-care, improve your relationship communication skills, and show up in life and your relationships with a stronger, more confident sense of self and accomplishment.

By implementing a pro-active plan utilizing all the tools, techniques, and knowledge to move forward, I am confident that you will achieve all your desired relationship goals. With over 25 years experience in personal development, mindfulness, transformational insights and wisdom, I will always assist and support you on your journey to well-being and creating a happier, healthier you, therefore, creating happier, healthier relationships.

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Oryane's coaching is life changing. I started with her during one of my darkest times and came away with the life of my dreams. I can honestly say she is one of a kind, and is meant for this work. I've seen huge changes in my quality of life for the better, and I know it came from her unique perspective, insights, and support.
Laura B.
Oryane, I want you to know that you have been super beneficial for me! And super loving and supportive, and I appreciate all the advice, knowledge, and encouragement you've given me.
Kevin B.
I haven't been in such a great place as I am now. Oryane has had a compelling effect on me. I now have the tools I need to succeed, to be focused, to be the person I know I am. My business and my life in general are both in a far better place.
With candid communication and willingness, Oryane guided me into living more in the moment. She showed me constructive, positive techniques that I continue to use and that will always remain with me. The quality of my life continues to improve because of her dedication.

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