Oryane MagennHi, I’m Oryane! Relationships can be challenging. I get it. Old baggage creeps in, poor communication skills are evident, stressors are triggered leading to continuous conflicts, and not knowing how to improve the situation (hence, doing nothing) can all sabotage our personal/professional relationships.

Our lives are full of relationships! And this may sound strange, but what is your relationship with yourself; because the relationship you have with yourself is often neglected. How would you define your relationship with your partner, your children, your parents, other family members, friends, etc.? What do your professional relationships look like? How do you feel about the work that you do, and your money? And of course, a hot topic (pardon the pun) for many people, how do you feel about intimacy? If you are struggling with any of these areas, I am here to help. With experience, guidance and support, I help people clearly identify their relationship issues, get pro active in learning good self-care and relationship practices, find solutions, implement an action plan and stay on course, and offer support along the way in creating happier, healthier relationships.

All of our relationshsips can affect every aspect of our lives, including our performance and productivity in our personal/professional lives. I assist people with understanding gender differences, improving communication skills, and feeling confident in their ability to make positive relationship changes. My coaching will provide you with clarity, relationship knowledge (knowledge is empowering!), and consistency so you will be able to change bad habits to good habits. Businesses, home and family life, and personal relationships can be fully functional, sometimes with just a few tweaks here and there. There is no time like the present; let’s get started now!

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I haven't been in such a great place as I am now. Oryane has had a compelling effect on me. I now have the tools I need to succeed, to be focused, to be the person I know I am. My business and my life in general are both in a far better place.
With candid communication and willingness, Oryane guided me into living more in the moment. She showed me constructive, positive techniques that I continue to use and that will always remain with me. The quality of my life continues to improve because of her dedication.

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