Attributes To The Loving Relationship

• Authentically sharing your feelings
• Communicating openly and honestly
• Being kind and considerate
• Honoring the other person’s values
• Allowing the other person to explore and express new learning
• Giving the other person space to grow
• Being someone who encourages, a cheerleader
• Being of peace and harmony
• Being respectful
• Being honest and trustworthy
• Having a sense of humor
• Forgiving yourself and the other person when necessary
• Stating your truth tactfully
• Walking a mile in the other person’s shoes
• Being compassionate
• Being a good listener
• Being open-minded
• Knowing that another person can change only if they want to
• Basing the relationship on the present, letting the past be a learning experience
• Setting your boundaries to reflect your own value and worth
• Understanding that a relationship is a journey of discovery
• Feeling blessed that someone wants to do the dance with you
• Acting from a place of unconditional love as best you can

By: Angel Chernoff
Vitality Magazine

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