Family / Parenting Relationships

How do you feel about your family relationships?
Are they loving, fulfilling, and embody everything you wish they were?

Oryane can assist you in creating family harmony and balance that works by:

• Improving Communication Skills
• Learning Stress Management Tools
• Setting and Achieving Family Goals
• Understanding and Getting Needs Met
• Affirming Commitment to Each Other and the Whole Family Unit

How would you describe an effective family? For all family units, with or without children, a remodeling, rebuilding, and restructuring process is possible, specifically one where everyone wins.

From Settling…To Stability…
To Success…To Significance…

“The relationship problems we face are about communication. Today's relationships are about nurturing each other's emotional needs for both men and women, and that is very different than the way it was years ago. We are a different generation of people. The world is a different place now and expectations have totally changed.” John Gray, Ph.D. Men, Women and Relationships, Making Peace with the Opposite Sex
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