Personal Relationship Coaching

Personal relationships are a huge part of our lives. They can be great sources of joy, and they can also be challenging. Whether you are single and dating, living together, married, separated, divorced, or widowed, we are all wanting to create happy, healthy, loving relationships. Stress reduction and good communication skills are so important. Relationship coaching, for all ages and genders, can benefit you in the following areas including, but not limited to:

Single and Dating:
• Attract and be with the right high quality man or woman for you
• Recognize red flags in the dating/relationship world and appropriate and inappropriate behavior
• Discover the differences between men and women and sharpen your communication skills
• Learn the five stages of dating to create a loving and lasting relationship
• Understand how we can unknowingly sabotage a budding relationship

Married or Living Together:
• Recognize your couple strengths and how to appreciate your partner
• Understand the differences between how men and women think and behave
• Learn how to disagree fairly with better communication skills
• Acquire the wisdom and power to change your approach rather than seeking to change your partner
• Discover how to ask for what you need and get your emotional needs met

Separated, Divorced, or Widowed:
• Understand the four healing emotions and how they work
• Find insight and direction in starting over
• Discover the differences between how men and women address the healing process
• Develop important skills for uncovering our positive feelings
• Learn to let go of the past, move forward with confidence, and create a new relationship again

Stress Reduction:
• Learn how the simple act of breathing can assist you
• Empower yourself through positive visualizations and affirmations
• Discover what naturally relaxes and empowers you
• Uncover your strengths and the power of the present moment
• Know that you always have resources and support available to you

Today’s relationships are about communicating well, nurturing each others emotional needs, understanding our differences a little more, and putting in a positive effort to love. Always remember, you are special and your love does make a difference.

“There is nothing bad about men or women, if we approach relationships positively and with a commitment to do our best to understand each other and to make things work. Ultimately, the objective I have in helping couples is for them to learn to respect each other's differences and become closer to each other as a result.” John Gray, Ph.D. Men, Women and Relationships, Making Peace with the Opposite Sex
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