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Business Relationships
What do your professional and work relationships look like?

What challenges do you experience in the workplace?

Executives, managers, employers, employees, and self-employed people all have a basic need; to be respected. How do you respect yourself and other people you work with?

Oryane’s coaching in the professional/work arena can assist you with:
• Building confidence in the workplace
• Improving employer/employee positive communication
• Identifying and resolving boundary issues
• Resolving challenges to establish win/win outcomes
• Identifying fears, lack of self esteem and/or motivation issues
• Establishing work relationship goals and accountability
• Learning stress management techniques that enhance the productivity of everyone in the workplace

Observing and practicing good communication skills for ourselves and with other people in our work environment is part of our process of learning and can help us to grow and bring our gifts to every person we work with and allows others to share their gifts with us. This means that we can learn from all people; that there is an opportunity to grow in every work relationship we encounter.

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