What is Relationship Coaching?

Loving coupleRelationship coaching is a collaborative partnership focused on assisting you in reaching your relationship goals, increasing your self-awareness and building your self-confidence. As the relationship coach, I will help you discover and explore your talents and strengths, and then optimize them. At the same time, we will implement relationship knowledge, tools, and strategies to confront and transform the areas of any relationship challenges blocking your success. Along your relationship journey, I will strive to offer you a safe, comfortable, and encouraging environment for growth. Together we will construct the beautiful life that you always imagined into a reality.

A mountain climber and his guide provide a beautiful metaphor for the coaching relationship (Ratey 2008). A guide will help the climber stay on course, point out any potential obstacles along the trail, and even allow occasional off trail excursions while never losing sight of the summit ahead. The guide may occasionally assist the climber by carrying his pack to lighten the load, but the guide will never carry the hiker. As the climber gains skill and confidence, the guide will step back and allow the climber to continue to ascend the mountain with more independence.

Similarity, after the client clarifies their relationship vision and takes the first steps on the path toward the relationship achievements, the coach remains by their side for support and increasing relationship knowledge while pointing out barriers to the client’s progress. Together, we develop strategies to surmount any relationship obstacles along the trail to success. The coach assists throughout the journey, but ultimately, success is achieved through the client’s effort and persistence.

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I think I am not alone in saying that day to day life clutters up our minds. It’s amazing how Oryane was able to truly listen and offer a fresh perspective on my situation and my life. Working with Oryane gave me the guidance and put me back on the right path. Thank you!
I want to thank Oryane for putting our coaching group together. Meeting with like-minded people – relaxing, reading, listening, and discussing felt great. It was great to feel valued and supported. It was an eye opening and enlightening experience, and I look forward to the next group that Oryane offers.

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